The Waltz

The Quinceañera dances her first walts with her father or in case he is hot available, with a relative or a close famili friend. A dance with her mother is sometimes included.
Next, the Quinceañera with the honor chamberlain and her Maidens with their respective chamberlainsdance a traditional waltz.
The dance is performed with traditional movements as well as some of new creation. The music can be by a live band or with modern digital sound. "Tiempo de Vals" by the Puertorican Chayanne is utilized a lot as alternative the the traditional waltses.
Next is the co called "Vals con los Padrinos" or Godparents Walts althought this is not necesarily a waltz but a popular music the celebrating girl dances with all her godparents for about twienty seconds to a minute, depending on the number of participants.
Musica para tus Quince

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