The typical attire of the Quinceañera
The Dress

The dress has a special meaning.
The Quinceañera dress represents the transition of the girl that now begins preparing to become a woman. It is a gala dress that she wears during the religious ceremony, during the first walts and the reception.
As per the family possibilities, the dress can be simple or sophisticated; it allwas has a special meaning. It is of pastel colors. The white is used a lot in the United States. In Latinamerica the Quinceañeras don't wear white since this color is reserved for their wedding.
The dress is usually the first thing she picks. Te rest of the accessories must match the dress.
The celebratinf girl only removes the Quinceañera for the surprise dance for which she and her co-participants wear attire according to the dance performed.

El vestido para tus quince

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